1. Purpose and scope of collection      

The main data collection on the website muaban69.com includes: email, phone, username, login password, customer (member) address. This is the information that muaban69.com needs members to provide mandatory when registering to use the service and for muaban69.com contact and confirm when customers register to use the service on the website to ensure the interests of users. consumption.

During the payment transaction at the website muaban69.com, we only keep detailed information about the member’s paid order, the information about the member’s bank account number will not be kept.

Members will be solely responsible for the security and keeping of all service use activities under their registered name, password and email box. In addition, members are responsible for promptly notifying website muaban69.com of unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, retention of registered names and passwords of third parties to take measures. suitable solution.

    2. Scope of information use      

The Company uses the information members provide to:

– Provide services to members;      

– Send goods to the address provided by the purchasing member;      

– Send advertising and promotional information if the member accepts this term while registering:      

– Send notices about information exchange activities between members and website muaban69.com;     

– Prevent activities that destroy members’ user accounts or activities that impersonate members;      

– Contact and deal with members in special cases;      

– Do not use members’ personal information other than for confirmation and contact purposes related to transactions at muaban69.com;

In case of legal requirements: The company is responsible for cooperating in providing personal information of members upon request from judicial authorities including: procuracies, courts, police agencies investigation related to certain legal violations of customers. In addition, no one has the right to infringe on members’ personal information.

     3. Information storage time      

The member’s personal data will be stored until there is a request to cancel or the member can log in and perform the cancellation. Remaining in all cases, member’s personal information will be kept confidential on muaban69.com ‘s server .

4. Address of the unit that collects and manages personal information      

5. iSolar soft JSC. Company 

6. Address: House No. 9, alley 264/32 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City, Vietnam      

7. Email: thang.vu@isolar.vn      

8. Phone: 0963380514      

9. Means and tools for users to access and correct their personal data .      

– Members have the right to self-check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by logging into their account and editing personal information or asking muaban69.com to do this;

Members have the right to send complaints about the quality of goods and delivery time to the Management Board of the website muaban69.com.

When receiving these feedbacks, vingaymai.com.vn. will re-confirm the information, the case is as reflected by the member depending on the extent of muaban69.com. timely remedial measures will be taken.

10. Commitment to protect customer’s personal information  

Personal information of members on muaban69.com be muaban69.com committed to absolute confidentiality policy protects personal information of muaban69.com. The collection and use of information of each member is only done with the consent of that customer, unless otherwise provided for by law;

‒ Do not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the member’s personal information without the consent of the member;      

In the event that the information server is attacked by a hacker leading to the loss of member personal data, muaban69.com. will be responsible for notifying the case to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notifying the member;

Absolute confidentiality of all member’s online transaction information, including invoice information, accounting, and digitized vouchers on muaban69.com;

The management board of muaban69.com requires individuals, when registering/buying as a Member, to provide all relevant personal information such as: Full name, contact address, email, personal identification number population, phone, account number, payment card number …., and is responsible for the legality of the above information. Management board muaban69.com shall not be responsible for and will not settle all complaints related to the interests of that member if it is deemed that all the personal information of that member provided during the initial registration is incorrect.

Warranty/Return Policy

1. Warranty Policy      

Customers can directly contact warranty and service complaints at the following addresses of muaban69.com

     iSolar soft JSC. Company

     Address: House No. 9, 64/32 Thuy Khue Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

      Email: thang.vu@isolar.vn

     Phone: 0963380514

           Service time: from 8:30 to 17:30 from Monday to Saturday, excluding Sunday and New Year’s holidays.

You can make warranty when using the service of muaban69.com.

            Warranty process: When needing warranty and service support, customers will contact our warranty and support centers. Our customer service staff will advise and support customers on the warranty and service support process. Upon receiving the warranty information of the service requested by the customer, the technical department of muaban69.com will assist in troubleshooting the customer within 24 hours via phone, email or direct support via TeamViewer.

We will take the next steps to check the quality of the service and issue a warranty or refund at your request. 

We will refund the customer according to the form of customer payment.

– If the customer pays via wire transfer, we will refund the money according to the paid account in the amount that the customer purchased the service;         

– If the customer pays at the company, ask the customer to come to the company to receive the money back (Support staff will contact the customer to make an appointment).         

2. Warranty/Return cases      

All services purchased from muaban69.com will be warranted, supported depending on the type of service used, but the warranty period has different long and short term.

For products/services that need warranty/support, customers will directly contact us to receive the best support.

We only do not accept warranty and support in cases such as: Natural disasters, enemy sabotage obstructing or destroying or blocking or stopping the connection to the customer’s data center, power failure on the area. wide, broken telecommunications cable causing congestion or stopping the telecommunications and Internet connection to the customer’s data center.

Measures, Mechanisms and Procedures for Dispute Resolution and Complaints

The Member agrees and complies that, when the Member is provided with an account by ongroup.vn to use part or the whole of muaban69.com products , any dispute arising during the Member’s use will be shall be settled according to the current law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Any claim arising during the payment and use of muaban69.com must be sent to muaban69.com support immediately after the event giving rise to the claim. muaban69.com will be an intermediary to resolve disputes between Members. muaban69.com will base on each specific case to have a suitable solution. When exercising the right to complain, the complainant is obliged to provide papers, evidences and grounds related to the complaint and must take responsibility for the complaint contents, papers, evidences and grounds. provided by us in accordance with the law.

The complaint settlement process is posted on the website muaban69.com only support and resolve your complaints and denunciations in case you have fully, honestly and accurately recorded information when registering for an account.

For disputes between Members muaban69.com or between Members and muaban69.com, we will base on the system log to resolve. Accordingly, muaban69.com will protect the interests of the User as much as possible to fully register the information in accordance with regulations.

Members agree to defend, indemnify and exclude muaban69.com from all legal obligations, proceedings, losses and expenses including but not limited to court fees, attorneys’ fees, and related consultants. related to the settlement or arising from the Member’s violation in the process of using the service.

Support address: iSolar soft JSC. Company

     Address: House No. 9, 64/32 Thuy Khue Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

      Email: thang.vu@isolar.vn

Phone: 0963380514

Dispute and Complaint Resolution Process

– Step 1: Receive: Receive the member’s complaint settlement request (referred to as the “complainant”), check the complaint information to accept or refuse.         

– Step 2: Handling of complaints: Crawl, photos of evidence from stakeholders.         

– Step 3: Completing the complaint: Confirm the results, provide handling methods for each violation and close the complaint.         

Payment methods

  At muaban69.com, buying service packages online becomes easy with convenient and flexible payment methods: payment on delivery (COD / Cash On Delivery), credit card payment, debit card (Visa/Mastercard) or pay by domestic ATM card.

Detailed instructions on how to pay

1. Payment on delivery (COD / Cash On Delivery)

  Is the easiest way to pay, especially when you are not familiar with online payment methods.

Immediately after receiving the order, muaban69.com will confirm with you via email, proceed with the order execution and delivery within the specified time. muaban69.com will notify customers of the freight charges.

2. Pay by credit card

  Immediately after receiving the order, the Company will contact the customer to confirm the order. If the customer wants to pay by credit card, the Company will provide the account number for the customer to pay, muaban69.com will check the payment transaction. If the transaction is not successful, muaban69.com will contact you to notify you. If the transaction is successful, muaban69.com will process the order immediately and deliver the goods within the specified time.

3. Payment by domestic ATM card

  For customers paying via.

  The condition to choose ATM payment method is that your card has been registered to use online banking. muaban69.com currently supports payment by ATM card for banks:


       Account No: 113002947979

  Immediately after receiving the order, muaban69.com will check the payment transaction. If the transaction is successful, muaban69.com will process the order immediately and deliver the goods within the specified time.

Delivery policy

  muaban69.com always aims to provide the best shipping service with competitive rates for all the orders that you place with us. We support nationwide delivery with specific delivery policies as follows:

1. Delivery fee at the store (Agent):

 muaban69.com applies the delivery fee according to the cost signed with the partner responsible for shipping and forwarding for all successfully placed orders.

  For customers in the provinces and cities with the company’s stores, we will conduct delivery to customers’ places.

2. Delivery time:

  muaban69.com will ask the carrier to deliver the goods to the customer within the agreed time when the customer completes the order procedures. Shipping time usually takes at least 3-5 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday or public holidays).

  In case you choose to pay by credit card, the order processing time will be counted from when muaban69.com receives your completed payment. Please note that muaban69.com reserves the right to change the delivery time without prior notice in the event of being affected by natural disasters or other special events.

  Your order will be delivered up to 2 times (in case the first delivery is not successful, a staff member will contact you to arrange a second delivery schedule with you. We will try to contact you again. In the next 2 working days (via SMS or direct call), in case it is still not possible to contact you or do not receive any response from you, the order will no longer be valid.

  To check your order information or status, please contact Customer Care.

  When the goods are delivered to you, please complete the payment and sign the confirmation with the delivery staff first, then please check if the product has any defects or defects. Please keep your shipping receipt for checking.